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While Bianca and Eli are still down in Peru doing everything, I escaped back to the States for a wedding and to try and keep our fundraising efforts alive. As you can see from our pictures, the dorm looks great and is becoming more like a home with each passing day. While the space is ample and will accommodate next years’ incoming class, that will be it. As you may know, the goal of this project is to support the girls through their 5 years of secondary school. If we expect 6 students every year for the next 4 years that would bring our total enrollment to 30 eager young students. In order for us to accommodate such growth, we will have to begin build our own place by the end of this year. This building will be a major step to increase the solidity of the project and to take us in the direction of self-sustainability. To do this we need to make a huge fundraising push. This means searching out large private funders while at the same time continuing the push for small scale contributions through alpaca sales, student groups and individual donors. We are also looking for students interested is setting up a sister school program at their high school. If anyone is interested in helping us keep the dream of education alive for these girls please contact us as sacredvalleydormitory@gmail.com.