Party Time!

It was Bianca’s birthday on Monday (Happy Birthday!) and we had a party at the dorm.  Maura cooked up some fried trout, choclo (big corn), chicken noodle soup and salad.  Yum! Shiva, our all-star volunteer and art teacher from earlier in the year, returned to Ollanta from her travels in time to make a chocolate cake. Double yum!  The girls were super excited.  When I arrived, they were busy converting Yesica and Nohemi’s room into a party den, complete with balloons and toilet paper taper.

It looked great.  After blowing out the candles they pushed Bianca’s head into the cake, a Peruvian tradition. This turned into an all out food fight, not a Peruvian tradition.  There was chocolate everywhere.  Clothes got dirty, but there were no casualties.

After dinner we danced Huayno.  It’s a traditional Andean dance in which you hold hands in a circle and stomp the ground as hard and as fast as possible.  Fun was had by all. I’m proud to report that none of our girls are wallflowers.

I can sense the end of the year approaching.  Our next party will be with the families, a celebration of our first year of existence.  I remember our first party.  Everything was so new.  Some of the girls were meeting each other for the first time.  We told them that this strange building would become a home – and it has.   Watching this community grow this past year and having the chance to be a part of it, has been a pleasure.  This next party will be better than the first. This time, it will be full of friends and people I truly care for and love. I can’t wait!