Behind the Scenes: Part III

Meet Gabriela Scarafioca, our 2012 Program Director!

Gabriela, our brilliant Program Director, soaking up the sun at Machu Picchu

Gabriela was born in Piamonte, a small village in Argentina. When she turned 17, she moved to the more populous city of Rosario to attend and eventually graduate from the Universidad Nacional of Rosario with a degree in Psychology.

After university, Gabriela worked as the Director of the Santa Cecilia Center in Rosario for six years. At this home and day care center, she worked closely with children with cognitive deficits while managing the daily administrative tasks that enabled the program to operate and grow. Throughout her career in psychology, she has maintained a focus on working closely with children with developmental disabilities while honing in on more specific areas of study such as the prevention and intervention of school and domestic violence, vocational orientation and sports therapy for children with disabilities.

In 2011, Gabriela came to the town of Ollantaytambo to volunteer with My Small Help, a non-profit dedicated to providing support and services to children with mental and physical disabilities. During her stay in Ollantaytambo, she met Elena, our Program Director in the 2011 school year, and was able to visit the Sacred Valley Project dormitory on several occasions. Here she met the girls of the dormitory and learned about the mission and long term goals of the Sacred Valley Project.

Gabriela has been working with the Sacred Valley project as Program Director since February, 2012. A dedicated and passionate individual, we are thrilled to have her on our team and are certain that with her input and energy, the dormitory is certain to grow and improve in the months and years to come!