SVP Opens new dorm in Calca!

Workshop in Calca dormWe are pleased to announce that the community of Calca has welcomed us with open arms, and we are thrilled to be serving new Andean communities and families in our second location, thanks to our wonderful supporters.

We are so happy with how well our 6 new students are settling in to life in the dorm in Calca. Each one brings a vibrant personality to the group and the desire to learn. This group has settled in much more quickly than past groups, as the girls seem to be much less shy, and much more extroverted.  The towns these girls have come from have two more years of primary school offered than previous communities we have worked with, which has been interesting to see and learn from. Just two more years of primary school and already a difference, imagine what going all the way through secondary school will do for them!

This exciting new adventure brings us great joy along with great responsibility. We want to express our appreciation for our dedicated and talented Program Director, Gabriela Scarafioca, who works tenuously to continue managing our current program while also spending time overseeing the operations of the new location in Calca. She has a lot of work cut out for her, but she is excited to take this on. Thank you Gaby!

One of the first workshops we offered covered leadership and self esteem. The workshops were held over 4 Tuesdays. These workshops work to help our girls learn how to build trust and confidence in each other as women, how to acclimate in a new environment, how to gain self esteem as young women in the community and the school, and how to highlight their already shining personality in the classroom and in the dorm. We also hosted a photography workshop given by a local photographer from Cusco.  The girls learned about photography techniques and equipment. We love being able to provide fun, educational opportunities to give a break from studying!  The generous support we have received from our donors has allowed us to continue giving these kinds of opportunities. We’ll keep you updated on the progress!