Founding Board Member (Peru)

Aaron Alvarez, 33 years old and a Native Peruvian, considers himself fortunate enough to have obtained a college education. However, he recognizes that this is not the case for many young people, especially girls, from rural communities across his beloved country of Peru. 

Aaron knows that he was lucky to obtain a college education in a country where so many are less fortunate than he. In many parts of Peru, he knows that there is a rooted idea that males are more valuable than females. Aaron wants to be a part of the change ensuring that more young girls can attend school and have the opportunities that he did. 

Aaron now has two sons and wants to give them the chance to live the life they want with opportunities to be whatever they want to be (though he says ‘be a good person’ is number 1 and is not negotiable). Aaron believes that educational opportunities are a human right and that all of the children in the world should have the right to finish high school and obtain the skills and the tools to live a decent and happy life.

Email: alexcin2085@gmail.com