Hear from a volunteer

Hi! My name is Gaby, and I studied abroad in Peru for the last four months [summer 2010]. By far the best part of my experience was volunteering at the Sacred Valley Project’s dormitory and working with the six incredibly intelligent and unique girls who live there.
My primary responsibility at the dorm was helping the girls with their homework. I really enjoyed this activity because I was able to work with the girls one on one and get to know them. I was glad that by offering them homework help, I was able to give them something in return for generously welcoming me into their home.
I feel so fortunate to have been welcomed into the dorm, and I would highly recommend volunteering with the Sacred Valley Project to everyone. I wish that I could have volunteered for much longer in order to continue building relationships and trust with the girls, and I hope to return soon. I will never forget the dance party the girls, Bianca, and I had the last night I was at the dorm. The girls taught me how to dance to huaynos, and we laughed so hard we fell on the floor multiple times. I am so glad to have experienced Yanet’s shy smile, Jessica’s hard working nature, Katy’s friendliness, Nohemi’s bubbly nature, Maria Elena’s uniqueness, and Dina’s incredible maturity and kindness.