Welcome to the Sacred Valley Project

The Sacred Valley Project is a non-profit organization based in Ollantaytambo, Peru dedicated to improving access to education for young women from low-income families in remote, mountain communities of the Sacred Valley. Our mission is to provide safe and nurturing  accommodation, educational resources and nutritious meals for these young women so that they may continue their secondary education and become knowledgeable and empowered women.

In Peru, indigenous communities are dispersed throughout the Andes Mountains and lack access to most public services, including education. Children must walk several hours to the nearest elementary school and high schools are often only located in town centers, making it too far a journey for daily commute on foot. This lack of access to education presents an even greater challenge for indigenous girls. While many boys move to urban centers to pursue educational opportunities, this same option is not available to most girls.

The Sacred Valley Project makes secondary education possible for young, indigenous women from mountain communities who otherwise would not have this option. Education for women is an especially important investment as the benefits impact future generations and families. Female education is proven to have a substantial impact on reducing poverty. Studies show that an educated woman is more likely to have a smaller and healthier family, a stronger voice in family negotiations and the ability to advocate for herself and her children. Learn More »